Benji the Bengal Cat arrives in Oswestry

I would like to say congratulations to my Sister and family on their new arrival, Benji the Bengal kitten! Benji came from a local breeder, at 14 weeks old.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Bengal breed here’s a few facts for you… Bengal cats are a hybrid – a result of crossing a domestic feline with an Asian Leopard Cat, the mention of which was as early as 1889… The Bengal has a wild cat appearance with large ‘leopard’ spots and a light belly.
Bengals are by nature water, yes water loving, highly inquisitive, athletic, and intelligent cats. They genuinely crave affection and will spend many happy hours resting piled up on top of you purring.
So far Benji is proving to be all of the above, with a big personality to boot. He provides hours of entertainment and joy with his antics… He bounds and scoots, hunt’s and pounce’s and is literally into everything. He can regularly be found in the shower or bath, especially when the water is left running… He is into everything- the washing machine, the laundry basket, in plastic bags and holdalls. He’s a great climber too! The toilet proved to be a problem with us unsuspecting visitor’s (we have learned to close the lid now!)
In summary, Bengals have very engaging, energetic, loving characters and this is one of the main reasons they are wonderful pets. Their character would not make them ideal pets for someone who wants a quiet, low key companion, but makes them amazing pets for people who want a more ‘dog-like’ member of the family, along the same lines as oriental cats, but with many special features that make them unique and rewarding pets.