Lucky Dawg Arrives from Thailand

As I travelled down South to Harwich I couldn’t help but get excited. I would soon be reunited with my lovely Lucky dog. I must admit I was worried… Would he remember me?!
I got to north London the night before, staying at my great friend and advisor on all things dog, Julie Cant-Pe-Ad. She is based at Barking Mad Dog Training Centre (as seen on TV) and trains under the guidance of  Richard Clarke MBIPDT.
The next day I set off for Harwich docks. Lucky had been ‘on the road’ for four days at this point – Koh Lanta to Phuket by pick up truck on Saturday – flying Phuket to Amsterdam then staying over night – a train to the hook of Holland – over night ferry to Harwich…
When I got to the docks, there were a whole host of adopters waiting for their loved ones… Lucky had travelled with five other dogs from the Soi Dogs Foundation, Phuket. Unlike Lucky, these dogs had been rescued from the appalling dog meat trade, where by smugglers take dogs from Thailand to Vietnam cramming and squashing them into wire crates with no food or water for days. Many die before they reach their destination.
As we waited by customs excited tension was growing… All of a sudden a pack of dogs and their two travel Buddies, Izzy and Niz bounded through the gates, what an amazing sight! As they neared us, I crouched down, they let Lucky go, I called and he was so pleased to see me, he recognised me I’m sure of it! We all cried without exception. Niz and Iz were so sad but yet happy to see the doggies go, we all said goodbye and went on the last leg of the journey. My five hour drive from Harwich to Oswestry was clear we arrived safely home at 2am.