Puppy Visits

Puppies need a lot of love and attention.

It’s not advisable to leave puppies alone. Puppies can become distressed and develop behavioral disorders and difficulties with socialising, which may follow them into adulthood. Tilly’s Pet Services provide Puppy Pop-in Visits, where one of our Animal Carers visits your puppy at a location and time of your choosing. The Animal Carer will spend time with your puppy, ensuring he or she is happy and well. ¬†We can give your puppy some exercise in a safe environment, give them some company and stimulation, ensure they are well fed and watered and deal with any unfortunate toilet accidents – your wishes are paramount and we will carry out whatever is required. Puppy Pop-In visits can be arranged multiple times across one day or week; in fact, the more visits you arrange, the happier your puppy will be to see our Animal Carer. Please see my rates page for pricing information.

Puppy Pop-in Visits are based on a maximum of an eight hour absence. If you need longer away from your puppy, it may be Pet Sitting that suits you best.