Lucky’s new life in the UK

Lucky arrived home – in Oswestry, Shropshire – back in November 2012. It feels like he has always been here, I can’t remember what it felt like not having him. It’s such a pleasure to come home to my happy little dog!
Unfortunately the native Thai’s on the islands view dogs as vermin and have a cull at the end of the season. Lucky came to Lanta Animal Welfare with suspected poisoning and had been involved in an rta. He was found with two poor dogs that had already passed away from poisoning. That day luck was on his side – a lovely British couple shipped him to our island, Koh Lanta, where he received treatment.

Well, now the story continues with Lucky coming to live with me in the UK. I wasn’t 100% sure how Lucky would adapt initially to being a domesticated dog. He was/is essentially a wild dog from the Island Koh Ngai (pron’ Koh Hai) in South Thailand. He led a simple and probably good life, living off scraps from tourists and ex pat business owners on the island. This life would definitely have had a grisly end sooner rather than later. The fact he reached two years old is a miracle in it’s self!

I’d be lying if I said it had not been a culture shock for Lucky, he shivered for a good two months! He barely ate or drank for two weeks. All the smells and sound’s, new experiences – animals he’d never clapped eyes on before. The day he met Bug, my horse was one I’ll always remember. Lucky took one look at Bug then tried to play with him thinking he was a dog. Lucky woofed and woofed, darting from side to side sparring with him! Bug, like the gentle giant he is, put his head down looking confused at this lively little white thing under his nose!

IMG_1964_optMuch to his delight, Lucky has discovered TV and has developed a particular penchant for Jonathon Ross… Like my friend said “someone has to!”.

In my home or whilst visiting friend’s, Lucky is the cleanest, quiet, gentle, kind, well mannered, laid back dog you will ever meet. He is very sociable, loves attention and people. When he is out on a walk he is a different kettle of fish, he scents and goes in to wild dog mode. At this time he has been off lead twice and in controlled situations only. One of those times he did manage to disappear out through a hole, running down the lane at a great rate of knots, totally ignoring my calls! Thank goodness, ten minutes later he was back.

In all Lucky is doing great… He is a Lucky little star who is much loved by all who meet him.