Puppy sitting in Oswestry, Shropshire

I’ve recently had the pleasure of taking care of a lovely Jack Russell puppy, Niko. His Mum and Dad are out to work a few days a week. I have the absolute delight of entertaining Niko in his own home while they’re away… Hmmm, more like he entertains me!

Niko’s owners have already done a sterling job on training this much loved puppy. He sits on command and his toilet training is coming along a treat… He is still too young to go out on walk’s, so on Niko’s puppy pop-in visit we have lot’s of fun as we carry on his training!

Niko’s Mum was aware that the new addition to their family was getting hiccup’s regularly after every meal. She was happy that puppy was healthy in every other way but was just becoming a little concerned that it was so frequent. After a few questions, together we ascertained it was probably food related. I advised her not to worry as long as he was healthy in every other way. Sometimes puppies hiccup when they eat to quickly, too much and or play hard straight after eating. I suggested that slowing down the rate at which he eats, keeping play sedate (!) after his meals, also feeding a little less and more often, may resolve the frequent hiccups… I am pleased to report that after Niko’s owners adjusted his feeding, as above, the hiccups have become pretty much non-existent for this sweet little puppy!

*I must stress that if you are at all worried about your hiccuping puppy then please do take them to see a veterinary surgeon.